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2017 iFresh Shanghai Conference

The 2017  TFresh (iFresh)summit meeting of the Chinese retailers in the fruit industry lasted for two days, starting on the 19th of May. The closing ceremony took place in a splendid international hotel in Shanghai. In total 46 retailers took part in the exhibit, together with 378 buyer, 45 honored guests and 11 foreign guests coming from countries and regions all over the globe. Already on the first day of the summit, more than 1400 people visited. This does not include any of the honored guests or participating companies.

Grand opening of the summit meeting for Chinese fruit retailers 2017

On May 18th, the honored guest Zhu Yongli (founder of the Asian Fruit Convention), and Zeng Shaoming (secretary general for the food safety and quality department for Chinese consumers), Huang Xingwu (vice-secretary general of the government of Sanya city in Hainan province), Yuan Yaxiang (secretary general of the fruit industry association in Shanghai), and Ti Wenzan (head of the Chinese fruit distributor's association) pulled the opening curtains of the summit meeting as hosts. On that day, the participating members enthusiastically made speeches and discussed the trends of fruit retail in and outside of China, the current situation and policies for fruit trade imports and tactics to build brands.

Participants of the summit in full concentration when listening to the speeches

The marketing director of the Chilean Fruit Exports Association, responsible for the European and Asian markets, Charif Christian Carvajal, made a penetrating and clear analysis of the current situation of Chilean fruit exports into China and its future market opportunities. In addition, chairman Ye Cheng of the Ye Chen Commercial Enterprise in Shanghai, Wingmau's strategy director Li Liang and the head operator of Chongqing's Golden Fruit trading company Nie Rong and other esteemed guests, each shared their personal perspective on the opportunities and challenges for imported fruits and domestically produced fruits in the coming thirty years.

Industry professionals having a dialogue during the summit

On the second day, the general assembly held a special performance on the themes of new technology, new products and supply chain. Jiang Dong, director of the research center for natural resources and breeds of the citrus center of the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences, made predictions on citrus products in the future market and their potential. The director of the engineering industry department of the national engineering technology research center for fruit, and professor Yang Jie also shared his estimations for the sales of apples in the markets during 2017. Some other honored guests with different backgrounds also shared their point of view.

A scene at the fifth meeting for backwards procurers organized by the Asian Fruit Convention

Finally, the summit came to its end with a spectacle: the fifth meeting for backwards procurers, organized by the Asian Fruit Convention (joint trade fair for sellers and producers of fruit in the spring and summer season). Tens of companies participated in this meeting for purchasers, for example Pagoda, Yeshi Fruit, Wonderful Life, LPPZ, Benlai and many others. All of them held face-to-face meetings created valuable opportunities for joint cooperation in production and marketing. After the meeting, the organising committee set up a feast for all honored guests and industry professionals that came from afar to give thanks and wish them all a safe journey back home. 

The feast held on the evening of the 19th, to express gratefulness

From October 22nd to 24th in 2017, the tenth edition of the international fair for the fruit and vegetables industry will take place in the international expo in Shanghai. This event will include product exhibitions, trade partnerships, summit forums and quality selections. It is the best platform for companies and governments that are looking for strategic partnerships, market expansion or product promotion expertise. 


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