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Live Report from the iFresh Exhibition

A large number of Egyptian growers and exporters are showcasing fresh Egyptian citrus, pomegranate and grapes. Egyptian grapes have recently received market access to China. It is expected that an official signing ceremony will be held in Egypt later in November with officials from both countries.

(Egypt Pavilion)           

(Egypt Pavilion)    

(From left to right: Hamdy Fayed, owner of Fata Company that exports fresh produce, Gramal Aziz, Vice Chairman of HEIA Audoroner of Wadi, the Consul of Egypt in Shanghai Khaled Youssef, Mohsen El-Beltagy, Chairman of HEIA and owner of Belco, Dima El -Baltagy, export manager at Belco, Iman Kamel, Executive Director at HEIA, Toumer Rozafem, Egyptian Commercial Counselor in Shanghai and Hattan El Mewafy, Egyptian First Commercial Secretary in Shanghai)

Australia has secured market access for its nectarines, and Summerfruit Australia brought a box with fresh nectarines that recently arrived in Shanghai. And even the Australian Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Luke Hartsuyker, is present to promote the nectarines.

(John Moore is the CEO of Summerfruit Australia. The organisation has done a lot to promote Australian stonefruit in China, with as latest succes the opening of the Chinese market for Australian nectarines.)

(Australian Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Luke Hartsuyker)

( Luke Hartsuyker, Australian Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister  and  John Moore, CEO of Summerfruit Australia)

Domestic exhibitors range from growers to traders to suppliers. There are companies from the South of the country including regions such as Hainan who have tropical fruits including mango and dragon fruit, as well as growers from other parts of China that are exhibiting pears, apples, melons and kiwifruit, among others.

( Joyvio-Golden Wing Mau Group Booth)

(North Altitude 18° Orchard  Booth)

(Sanya Pavilion)

(Guizhou The Best Fruit Stock Corporation)

The supply side also seems to be taking off fast with numerous packaging and sorting companies, logistics suppliers etc. In China, online and offline sales channels compete, the exhibition gives the possibility to meet with both.

(Reemoon is a Chinese developer and manufacturer of sorting technology. The company has a strong foothold in China and is now eyeing the European and South American market. On the photo are Hill Zhou and Zhu Yi, the General Manager)

(Boix carton box folding and stacking line)

(Visitors are watching a Compac promo video)

The Chinese fruit industry is gradually developing towards branding. Meilong patterned melons, Hainan Wangpin honey melons, Qifeng kiwis, Joyvio blueberries, etc. are all starring at the fair. While adorning the fair, they also show the charm of Chinese branded fruits. Moreover, from cultivation and harvest to preservation and transport, the well-being of the fruits face a huge challenges at every step. At this year's fair, some companies, such as MAF Roda and the Dutch Aweta, have also brought their advanced processing technology. This offers a strong support for the marketing development of the Chinese fruit industry. 

Concurrent event:

During the Asian Fruit Fair, the China Fruit Marketing Summit is also held. Important guests are invited, such as the Australian vice-premier, the Chairman of Pagoda and Dalian Yidu Group etc.

(Australian Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Luke Hartsuyker)

(Yu Hui Yong, founder and CEO of Pagoda, a prominent Chinese fruit retail chain store)

During this fourth edition of the reverse purchase meeting, the concept is high accuracy and high efficiency. It is devoted to advance the trade connection between supply and demand.

The iFresh Gala Dinner was gathered with lots of delegations from giant companies in China.

There are also numerous conferences on the excellent products of Chinese production regions and there is the second edition of the international apple PK competition.

( Fruit Promotion Conference)

At the iFresh Asian Fruit Fair, fruit experts from all over the world are gathered to promote the rapid development of the Chinese fruit industry.

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